Bennett David Kahl

Bennett David Kahl
I do not cease to give thanks for you, remembering you in my prayers Ephesians 1:16

Sunday, September 2, 2012

A long overdue and much anticipated visit

We had such a fantastic time last weekend.  Brandon’s sis, Aunt Courtney, came all the way from Arizona for a super fun visit. 

draft party 002

Every year my hubby and his die hard friends and a few family members congregate to hold their annual fantasy football draft.  I believe it is safe to say that said day is hubby’s absolute favorite day of the entire year! (and it has grown on me too…I love to throw a fun party and visit with friends)

Our kiddos impatiently waited all morning for Aunt Courtney to arrive and once she did the race to capture her attention was on!  Auntie C usually reads our blog and I know she NEVER imagined the volume level was as high as it is in real life when she looks at our pictures.  (think total sensory overload!)  We filled Friday night with family fun.  A lot of yummy Texas BBQ, swimming, mermaid flipping in the pool and sweet Cullen going under”neaf”.  After an impromptu gymnastics show that the kiddos put on at 9pm the littles were tucked safely in bed and we had a little adult time.  Not much though because this momma had to retire early in anticipation of the party prep the next morning.  draft party 006

The spread…and the drafting chart

draft party 005draft party 007draft party 033draft party 034

My brothers Uncle Dave and Uncle Tim and Grampy are also a part of this fun family and friends day! (mimi was out of town)

I try to avoid the actual draft time because the intensity level is just a little too much for me, but I did manage to capture a few pics.  I’ll let them speak for themselves. (and the speedo is a reflection of his team name…and he is just THAT funny as a person too)

draft party 008

draft party 013draft party 016

The passing of the trophy and the speech

My bestie came since our kiddos are also best buds.  I absolutely love seeing the joy on Ellie’s face when she has Emma around to play with.  And Cullen just loves Chase!!  UGH…we miss them and are praying that they end up moving this way SOON!!

  draft party 042draft party 029draft party 053

Cullen and his buddy Chase

draft party 022

draft party 020

The crew

draft party 045

draft party 044

Our sweet Bock-e kept the kiddos out of the adult fun and entertained them all day.

 draft party 041

Sunday, was the good-bye day.  The worst part about visiting is saying good-bye, but we know we will see Auntie C again in about 298 days.  Cullen was sure he saw Aunt Courtney’s “hair”plane while we swam later that afternoon.  draft party 068

draft party 070draft party 069

Dear Aunt Courtney,

B and I are so thankful that you chose to spend a few days of your visit here with us and our loud “littles”.  Your ability to make them each feel special and give them your undivided attention is a true gift that you have.  We miss you dearly and we are already eagerly anticipating your next visit.  We love you!!!!!

draft party 058Nothing better than an oreo smile!