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Bennett David Kahl
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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Be Our Guest


May 26, 2013

Our baby girl blew us away this year at her ballet recital. 

In the last few months Ellie has really started to show interest in dance.  She has been enrolled since she was 2 1/2 but, just now she really seems to LOVE it.  In fact, this summer we are doubling her dance classes and in the fall she is already begging to add another hour for a new dance genre!  I will basically have ZERO extra time, but I guess that is what starts to happen when they get older and more involved.

We were having trouble with getting the dance down perfectly and to be fair to Ellie, she is over a year younger than any of the other girls in her class. 


I think we went through the routine at least 7 times a day.  We practiced in the classroom, in the pool, in the kitchen…basically, everywhere! 

We got to the Cynthia Woods Mitchell pavilion for dress rehearsal at 10:15 on Sunday morning.  When it was Ellie’s turn to dance they did okay.  We ran to the store to pick up goodies for Memorial Day and home to put groceries away.  Twenty minutes later we were back in The Woodlands for an early dinner with Mimi and then we rushed back across the street to the pavilion to take our seats for the evenings event. 


Even the little brothers were on their best behavior!


It made me emotional to walk through the gates with my baby this year.  She is growing up so fast and I am so proud of the lady she is becoming.  She has developed friendships this year that I hope last a lifetime.  We saw her greatest friends from class upon entering and as luck would have it their seats were right by ours.  My “grown up” baby girl actually sat with her friend until I had to take her back stage. 

recital  DSC_1114  

As they entered the HUGE stage I was on the edge of my seat.  The music started and my heart was racing for Ellie.  It was pride, nerves and anticipation as the first steps of their number left their toes.  Before I knew it the music ended and there was not ONE mistake from ONE girl.  They were absolute perfection.  I flew out of my seat clapping and yelling (and scared the woman in front of me half to death). 


Moments like that and the memories they create last FOR.EVER! 

Dear Ellie,

My whole body was bursting with pride for you and your major accomplishments at this years recital.  You are a gift to me every single day, but on the stage that Sunday evening you were simply stunning.  Your grown up behavior, your beauty, your manners, your dancing…your everything.  You are MY everything, little girl.  I am so beyond blessed to get to share this life with you, angel!

I love you forever...and ever…and ever!

And, here we are off to Ballet II and Hip Hop for the summer.  So grown up!

ballet hair ballet2 hiphop

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