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Bennett David Kahl
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Sunday, June 9, 2013

The ATX Roadtrippin’ to BBQ

While browsing the internet one day, Brandon came across information for the Texas Monthly BBQ tour across central Texas. 

I came home and he asked (expecting the old lady in me to laugh at him and say NO) if I’d be interested in purchasing tickets and taking a weekend getaway on a whim. 


Bocky lives in San Marcus, so we checked to see if she would want to keep the kiddos all day Saturday in Austin and once we had confirmation we signed ourselves up for a day of BBQ, beer and an air-conditioned tour bus! 

HOLY fun!  We left Friday and had a relaxing trip up.  With a super fun stop at the outlet mall!!  Mommy and Ellie even got matching Nike shoes!

We really like to eat local when we vacation, so I began researching days before we left.  We ate at an amazing place in downtown on Friday night.  Moonshine, did not disappoint and the kids had a blast!  We walked back to the hotel and just had to show Ellie 6th street (it was still VERY early, so the crazy partiers weren’t out yet) and she was amazed by the lights and music coming from every single establishment.



My very stylish little lady!

Saturday morning came super early as we had to be at the famous Franklin BBQ by 7:45.  Bocky arrived and our day of fun began.

We boarded a giant tour bus only to discover the air was not working!!  Thank goodness after all passengers boarded we headed straight to pick up a bus that was in full working order.  I can NOT imagine a day of beer and BBQ and 56 people on a bus with no AC in the 95 degree weather. 


Daniel Vaughn is the BBQ editor at Texas Monthly and his stories made the trips between stops go so fast! 

First, on the stop was Snow’s BBQ.  What a humble, hard-working group of individuals at that place!  B was in Heaven getting to tour the pits and ask MILLIONS of questions!  It really was his dream day!


Next stop, Muellers BBQ.  That stop was HOT, HOT, HOT…literally, because they have no AC and it was HOT OUTSIDE!! 




BBQ and Big Red…what a kid at heart!bbq8

I absolutely LOVE this pic of my boots that one of the professional photogs took.  A girl can’t go out on a BBQ tour without her boots!

Last stop, and rated #1 in Texas Monthly for the best BBQ in Texas, was Franklin BBQ in Austin.  Truly, the best I’ve ever had!  I would make the trip back up to Austin and wait in his historic line just to taste that brisket again…delish!

IMG_0490 IMG_0491 IMG_0492 IMG_0493

What an exciting day to spend with the love of my life and best friend!  BBQ, beer (a designated driver helped) and Brandon…one of the most fantastic dates we’ve EVER had!

While we were out dating each other and stuffing our faces our little loves were with their other momma at the Children’s museum having a total blast! 


We arrived back at the hotel just in time for a little rooftop swimming with the littles and then headed out to eat at one of the few Neapolitan approved restaurants around.  Backspace, had a wait…like we could only get a reservation at 10pm, but when we arrived the bar was totally available, so we hopped up and ordered some fantastic wood fired pizzas.  Our kiddos were totally exhausted by the time dessert had been finished, so back to the hotel we went.


On the way home we went back to the outlets to do a little more shopping!  Hey, when you hubby suggests making another trip to shop a little more you DO NOT turn him down!  Ha!!!

Our weekend was full of fun, family, good food and outlet shopping…what more could you ask for!

Dear Brandon,

After 14 years together I still love going out on dates with you.  This was probably the best date we’ve ever been on though!  You are super handsome, so much fun, and so friendly to everyone we meet.  It is that quality that made me fall in love with you so many years ago.  I am blessed to call you my husband, but I am even more blessed to call you the father of my children.  Thank you for an awesome journey…every single day of our lives.

I love you!!


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