Bennett David Kahl

Bennett David Kahl
I do not cease to give thanks for you, remembering you in my prayers Ephesians 1:16

Sunday, June 16, 2013

To the best daddy…ever!

Dear Brandon,

Fourteen years ago, we met as wild and free twenty one year olds.  Without a care in the world, our only priority was to graduate from college and have fun while we did it! 

Nine months after we met you proposed.  We waited another year and a half, graduated college and secured jobs and planned a beautiful December wedding.

Something was said by Father Lance during one of our premarital classes. 

“Your family begins the moment the two of you say I Do.  A family will begin with and be the two of you, adding children to that is up to God, but know that your family IS the two of you”

That statement stuck with me as a young 24 year old.  I had no clue that our journey would take the path it has, but I am thankful for the wisdom that Father Lance imparted upon us. 

Through our years of infertility, you were our rock.  You never lost faith and you were always there to build me back up after another failed fertility treatment. 

On our journey, the day we spent at the adoption agency made one of the biggest imprints in my heart.  You held my hand the whole time and the minute we got in the car together you said to me, “I don’t care where our baby comes from or if it’s a boy or girl…did you see that little girl in the packet?  She would be perfect.”

You are AWESOME.  That day was just another example of the character and heart you have. 

I knew the minute we met…literally, that you were different.  You were meant for me and you have changed me.

Two weeks after we left that adoption agency we did our first IVF.  A week after that you stood next to me in a small doctors office huddled around an ultrasound machine as we saw our two miracles on the screen.  We both cried.  In that single moment our dreams and prayers were answered. 

In my eyes, you became a dad the day we decided to start trying to have a baby. 

Bennett made you a dad at 1:44 in the morning on that unexpected December night.  Your tears were filled with fear, joy, excitement, thankfulness, and relief.  Your little girl came two minutes later and after that you left my side to be with the two best gifts we had ever been trusted with. 

You have been an amazing father from that minute on. 

You reinvented your career path to make the most amazing life we could ask for.  This life is more than I ever dreamed it would be and that is because of you taking risks, following your heart and listening to Him. 

Thank you. 

Thank you for all eight fertility treatments.

Thank you for always holding my hand.

Thank you for KNOWING that our journey would end with at least one baby…let alone THREE!

Thank you for your passion and compassion for and towards our babies. 

Six years ago, you celebrated your first Father’s Day with a lunch at Pappasitos.  What no one else in that restaurant knew was that the following day we would bury our firstborn son.  Your bravery and strength were absolutely admirable. 

I am heartbroken for you that year after year you will share Father’s Day with Bennett’s Heaven Day. 

On one hand it’s a cruel reminder of the worst day of our lives.

On the other hand it’s beautiful that every year you get to share your special day with the little hero that made you a dad. 

Bennett knew you were strong enough to live with that and maybe it was his special way of thanking you for always being there with him.  You know I don’t believe in coincidence…there is a reason from Him behind all of the happenings in our lives.

You are more of a father and a husband than most of the men I know. 

You are an example of what I want our children to grow up believing and living…which is why I married you. 

I love that with all we’ve been through and all the years that have passed, we are still “us” and can reach inside and find the people we were when we met. 

You are pure perfection to me.  Thank you for our perfect miracles and thank you for being you. 

Happy Father’s Day, babe.  You deserve to relax and enjoy this day more than anyone I know!

With all of my heart forever, I love you!!!!!


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